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Service hotline


Business enquiry hotline

The 0755-2674-6990

After-sales service hotline

The 0755-2674-6990

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Service system


Service concept

Independent innovation integrity management, create maximum value for customers

Service objective

Create maximum value for customers

Performance pledge

7 x 24 hour hotline number:

For technical consultation, fault declaration acceptance, service policy consultation and other calls to implement 24/7 real-time response, real-time acceptance.

Service team

With a technical service team of more than 20 people, it can adapt to 7 x 24 hours flexible mobility and dispatch, and timely serve the national market customers. More than 90% of the service team have bachelor degree or above, and there are 3 deputy senior engineers or above, with rich theoretical basis and field practical experience.

Service scheme


Telephone support service

If you have any service needs during the use of the product, please call the Depot Technology Service hotline (0755-26746990) for service application

Remote upgrade service

After receiving the customer's fault repair call, the service engineer can communicate with the customer through telephone guidance, and give the preliminary solution to the problem

On-site support service

In case the problem is not solved through telephone communication, the engineer shall arrange on-site service or notify the customer to send to the designated maintenance point for maintenance

Records of repair information

When reporting for repair, the customer shall provide the following information: contact person, contact information, contact address, machine model, number, and fault symptom

After-sales support service

After the problem is solved, there will be designated follow-up personnel to follow up and maintain the working condition of the machine on site to ensure the production efficiency of customers. Meanwhile, service satisfaction survey will be conducted to further improve the quality of service

Training exchange


Product application training

For each product delivered, we will provide systematic training to the technical personnel of the user on the working principle, test principle, test method and use method of the equipment, so that they will be familiar with and master the use, inspection, maintenance and other knowledge of the equipment. At the same time, we will provide a full set of technical data, drawings, reference materials, training manuals, etc.

Technical service training

For technical service projects with in-depth cooperation between the two parties, the company will send senior R & D experts and technical backbone team to the customer office to carry out in-depth research, insight into customer pain points, solve difficult problems, and set up special training courses for project participants.

Science and technology project exchange

For the cooperation intention of scientific and technological projects proposed by customers, the company will respond positively within 24 hours, quickly organize the research and development team to carry out research and judgment, general projects are led by the research and development supervisor team to carry out communication, major projects are led by senior doctor exchanges, and strive to let every "spark" bear scientific and technological fruits.

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