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Substation on-line Equipment

ST-610 fault recording

ST-610 fault recording can monitor, warn, and analyze the operating status of the power grid and substation, providing technical support and guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the power grid and substation. The device is in strict accordance with IEC61850 standard and the relevant specifications and standards of the power grid company.

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ST-901 Power Quality

ST-901 power quality is widely used in: conventional power station, hydropower station, thermal power plant, wind power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical and other fields, to provide users with complete power quality management solutions. Comply with power quality related national standards to achieve reliable, efficient and low consumption operation of transmission and distribution system.

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ST-702 Clock

ST-702 satellite synchronous clock is a new generation of time synchronous clock in accordance with the "Technical Specification of Power System Time Synchronous System". It can not only provide high precision time synchronization signals for PMU, protection, measurement and control, intelligent terminal, fault recording and other plant terminal equipment, but also add a new multi-source selection mechanism about clock reference source. Remote online monitoring function and local log management function. ST-702 satellite synchronous clock can be widely used in power, energy, petroleum and petrochemical, steel, cement, equipment integration, municipal, security and other industries.

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EH series intelligent microcomputer harmonic elimination Device

Intelligent computer harmonic elimination device can diagnose ferroresonance, but also can distinguish overvoltage, ferroresonance, PT high-voltage side break, PT low-voltage side break, single-phase grounding and other fault types; For ferroresonance of various frequencies, the information can be quickly eliminated and displayed. For overvoltage, ferromagnetic resonance, single-phase grounding and PT line break, alarm, and record and display. Suitable for electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical and other large enterprises, the device has superior performance, safe and reliable use.

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