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Energy efficiency capture

The energy efficiency collection system is based on the master station system in the background, which centrally copies and reads the data and related information of each meter in the station through the remote communication channel (wireless, wired, etc.) and sends it to the master station to realize various analysis functions of power energy efficiency safety detection and management.

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Comprehensive detection function

Power safety and efficiency analysis

Energy efficiency assessment management function

Power plant production operation analysis function

Comprehensive energy efficiency analysis function

Plant power efficiency evaluation function

Integrated management functions

1) Realize the comprehensive detection and management functions of enterprise electricity volume, energy and power quality. Can reduce annual energy consumption for users by 5%.

2) Reduce power outages and shutdowns through detection and optimization, improve production efficiency and enhance enterprise competitiveness

3) Perfect data analysis and meter reading function can reduce labor and labor cost.

4) It can provide direct and scientific data support for major equipment replacement, overhaul or improvement, reduce investment costs and avoid waste of funds.