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NK-EC Drain Type Electric Cabinet Dehumidifier

NK-EC series drainage-type electric cabinet dehumidifier is a replacement product of electric cabinet dehumidification developed because of the poor dehumidification effect of ordinary heating type. It solves the phenomenon of condensation on the wall of traditional heating electric cabinet, terminal block and box, and further improves the safe operation ability of the equipment. This series of products after being put on the market, by its excellent performance, exquisite design, small size, strong pertinence, by the majority of customers praise!

Functional Features
Technical specifications
Video Show
Optional Accessories

Designed for the power industry and terminal boxes

Integrated design, easy to install

Scalable heating control capabilities and data transfer

With display, adjustable threshold, fully automatic operation

1) Power supply: AC220V/DC110V

2) Power: 60W

3) Display mode: 4-bit digital tube display

4) Humidity starting threshold: %65 (default)

5) dehumidification: 380ml/ day (temperature 30℃, humidity 80%RH working condition) 6) for temperature: -20℃ '80℃

7) Working humidity: 40%-99%RH

8) Dimensions: 95.5mm*195mm*62mm