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Handheld Network Tester

Handheld network tester is a multifunctional test and analysis equipment for intelligent station optical digital signal. Comply with various types of optical digital message standards such as IEC61850 9-1/2/2LE, GOOSE, IEC60044-8, FT3/FT3LE, and RIG-B. It has the function of monitoring the packet type and traffic. Support abnormal message transient record; With optical power measurement function; Support concatenation listening and SV sampling value superimposed harmonic output.

Functional Features
Technical specifications
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Comply with various types of optical digital message standards such as IEC61850 9-1/2/2LE, GOOSE, IEC60044-8, FT3/FT3LE, and RIG-B

Realize automatic configuration, support SCD file import, topology display, file comparison

Provides the function of monitoring packet types and traffic

It can simulate the MMS client and server, and support the fixed value check of the protection device, the monitoring and operation of the state of the pressure plate and the state of the protection function.

Supports the simulation of single or multiple IEDs, enabling simultaneous transmission of telephony and telemetry data

4-channel in, 4-channel fast out, synchronous output delay <20μs

The synchronous output of different optical ports reaches 0μs, and the dispersion of SV sampling is <1μs

Four optical digital packets can be received and sent simultaneously

Support MU delay, support different MU time synchronization test

Support for concatenated listening and SV sampling values superimposed harmonic output

Supports transient recording of abnormal packets

With optical power measurement function

Built-in relay protection testing functions such as AC and status sequence

Main performance index

1) Ethernet optical power detection port for optical link measurement and diagnostic function test

Multiplex optical serial port, supporting FT3 / FT3LE optical digital message sending and receiving, RIG-B code 2) sending and receiving, and PPS timing functions

3) Four groups of 100M independent optical network, supporting IEC61850-9-1/2 SMV messages and GOOSE messages

4) 4-way fast departure, 4-way open in

Fiber interface characteristics

1) Optical serial port Optical fiber parameters: multi-mode, ST interface, wavelength 850nm

2) Optical Ethernet port Optical fiber parameters: multi-mode, LC interface, wavelength 1310nm

3) Transmission power: ≥-15dbm

4) Receiving sensitivity: ≤-30dbm


1) 9600mAh large capacity battery power supply

2) 10.1 "HD full touch screen