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ES100 Relay Protection multiway outlet pulse voltage detection Device

This device is used for transformer protection, mother-difference, failure, ground change protection in secondary equipment, as well as safe, ready to throw, low cycle load reduction and other safety device outlet state detection. The traditional test is repeated many times, the test results are not easy to observe, low efficiency, the relay protection multichannel outlet pulse voltage detection device effectively solves the inspection and acceptance work under different logic of each outlet action state of various deficiencies, its powerful function, flexible operation, easy to use, can be measured multiple times and multiple channels at the same time.

Functional Features
Technical specifications
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• Can detect 16 pulse changes at the same time, and light the corresponding channel LED indicator

• Adjustable reference voltage of 20V-110V, real-time display

• With 0-9999MS timing function, a variety of trigger ways

• Simple appearance, easy wiring, simple operation

• Small size, low power consumption, light weight, easy to carry

• Built-in battery power, can work for a long time

1) Input power AC/58-220V or DC/110-220V

2) Battery 5000mA/h

3) Press plate opening channel 16

4) Time open channel 1

5) Time 0-9999ms

6) The reference voltage is adjustable from 20V-110V

7) Select 16-bit time start

8) Time cutoff select 16 bits