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Handheld Time Tester

Handheld time tester is a reference to State Grid "DL/T1100.1-2016 Power system Time synchronization System Part I: Technical Specification" and "DL/T1100.2-2013 Power System Time synchronization System Part II: Accurate Time Synchronization Based on LAN and other standards design, based on dual-core ARM+FPGA low power SOC platform, using a modular way to develop the handheld time synchronization system tester. It is suitable for the maintenance power station, power supply bureau, maintenance company, power transmission and transformation company, Institute of Electrical science and other institutions and enterprises and institutions that need to carry out time calibration, time detection and display, time test.

Functional Features
Technical specifications
Video Show
Optional Accessories

• GPS/BD dual mode timing

• Automatically identify the type of signal to be tested and give test results

• Can measure the standard deviation, rise time, accuracy, pulse width amplitude and other parameters of the time signal

• Can record time signal wave, can automatically record time signal abnormal waveform

• Multiple time signal types can be tested, multiple signals can be accessed simultaneously, and results can be compared

• Can receive and parse SV and COOSE messages

• Support the output of abnormal time synchronization signals, to test the response characteristics and stability of the device

• Adopt modular design concept, users can use different modules according to different needs

• Export screenshots, raw data and test reports with one click

• 7 "true color LCD touch screen, interface display intuitive clear, easy to operate

• Built-in large capacity battery, battery life is not less than 6 hours

Time reference signal input


Types of signals can be tested

Rig-b (AC) time code;

Rig-b (DC) time code (TTL/RS45/RS232/ fiber);

Serial port time message (RS485/RS232/ optical fiber);

PTP/NTP/SNTP network time packet; SV/GOOSE message;

Null contact 1PPS pulse signal (TTL/RS485/RS232/ null contact/optical fiber);

Content of measurement

High and low amplitude of level, rising edge time, pulse signal width, time accuracy of seconds on time edge and standard deviation of time accuracy

Unfoldable content

Rig-b time code, serial port time message, PTP/NTP/SNTP grid time message, SV/GOOSE message

Type of output signal

Rig-b (DC) time code (TTL/RS45/RS232/ fiber);

1PPS pulse signal (TTL/RS485/RS232/ air contact/optical fiber);

The serial port sends the same message (RS485, RS232, or optical fiber).

PTP/NTP/SNTP network time packet;


Device measurement resolution


Device measures voltage range


The accuracy of the measured content

Rig-b (DC): Better than 50ns; Pulse signal: better than 50ns;

Rig-b (AC): better than 500ns; Serial port message: The value is better than 1505.

PTP network time packet: better than 100ns. NTP/SNT

Network time packet: better than 10us.

Interface and function

External antenna interface (SMA):1, used to connect the external antenna, support GPS/BD;

Optical signal input and output (ST) : 3, 1 outlet, 2 input port;

TTL interface: 1, support TTL level signal input and output;

RS232 interface: 1, support RS232 level signal input and output;

RS485 interface: 1, support RS485 level signal input and output;

Adaptive interface: 1, support level signal input and automatic recognition;

Hard contact open and open interface: 2 pairs of each, support 2 pairs of hard contact open in, 2 pairs of hard contact open;

Message interface (SFP): two, 100/1000M PTP/NTP/SNT message volume and output, support SV/G00SE message measurement;

USB interface: 1, for testing or screenshot export;

Working ring mirror

Operating temperature: -10℃--+50℃; Humidity: 5%-95%, no frost

Power supply

Built-in battery, sustainable power supply more than 6 hours

Liquid crystal display

Touch screen, 7 inches, 1024×600 resolution


Weight: <2kg