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A10 Hand-held Fault Recording

A10 Handheld fault recording is a handheld power waveform analyzer suitable for power station fault waveform analysis and recording. Developed based on Linux system, it comes with 8 inch HD full touch screen, built-in lithium battery, small size, light weight and easy to carry.

Functional Features
Technical specifications
Video Show
Optional Accessories

Supports multiple boot modes

Easy signal access, high precision clamp clamp, no need to disconnect the loop

Strong waveform analysis and processing capability

Multiple timing modes are supported

Suitable for a variety of occasions, outdoor indoor etc

8 "1024X768 high-resolution full touch LCD display

Built-in lithium battery, small size and light weight, easy to carry

Configuration parameter

Current 4 channels

Voltage 4 channel

Dc 1 channel

Switch input 16 channels

Switch quantity output 4 channels

The maximum sampling rate is 10KHZ

Maximum harmonic resolution 99 times

The resolution of switching quantity is less than or equal to 1MS

Input power supply

Power adapter DC 19.5V 3.34A

Anti-electromagnetic interference capability

Surge immunity level Ⅲ

Electrostatic discharge immunity level Ⅳ

Oscillatory wave immunity level Ⅲ

Radio-frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity level Ⅲ

Power frequency immunity Class A

Electrical fast Ah change pulse group immunity Class A

Mechanical dimensions and weights

Screen 8 "full touch screen

The dimensions are 255mm*215mm*55mm

Weight 1.6KG