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ST-610 fault recording

ST-610 fault recording can monitor, warn, and analyze the operating status of the power grid and substation, providing technical support and guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the power grid and substation. The device is in strict accordance with IEC61850 standard and the relevant specifications and standards of the power grid company.

Functional Features
Technical specifications
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Optional Accessories

Powerful waveform analysis and processing functions

Supports multiple boot modes

Flexible and reliable networking and remote data transmission

Linux embedded operating system, antivirus, reliable guarantee of network security

Multiple timing methods

Recording channel capacity

1) 64 analog channels, 128 switching channels (maximum 96 analog channels, 192 switching channels)

Input signal

1) Rated frequency: 50HZ, 60HZ

2) Rated AC voltage UN: 57.7V or 100V; Maximum input voltage: 2UN

3) Rated AC current IN: 5A or 1A; Maximum input current: 20IN

Linear operating range of analog quantity

1) AC voltage loop: 0~300V

2) AC current loop: 0~30IN maximum

3) DC voltage loop: 0.05~2000V

4) DC current circuit: 75mV; 4 ~ 20mA; 0.01 ~ 20 ma

5) High frequency signal: 0.05~10V DC

6) Transformer oil temperature: 100 euros

7) Switch quantity contact: passive null contact input mode is adopted

Wave recording sampling index

1) 1) Transient recording sampling frequency: 10KHz switching event resolution: 0.1mS

2) Steady state recording sampling frequency: 1~10KHz A/D resolution: 16 bits

3) Sampling accuracy of current and voltage waveform: ≤0.5%

4) The highest harmonic resolution is 99 harmonics

Communication interface

1) RS-422/485, RS-232, 10M/100M Ethernet RJ-45 interface
Communication protocol

1) Comply with IEC61850-8, TCP/IP, and IEC60870-5-103 communication protocols

Overload capacity

1) AC current loop: 2 times rated current, continuous operation

2) 10 times rated current, allow 10 seconds

3) 40 times rated current, 1 second allowed

4) AC voltage loop: 2 times rated voltage, continuous operation

Power consumption

1) AC current circuit: IN=5A, each phase is not more than 1VA; IN=1A, not greater than 0.5VA per phase

2) AC voltage loop: when rated voltage, each phase is not more than 1VA

3) Normal power consumption: no more than 100W

4) Maximum power consumption: no more than 130W

Plant operating power supply

1) DC 220V: allowable deviation -20% ~ +15%; Ripple coefficient ≤5%

2) DC 110V: allowable deviation -20% ~ +15%; Ripple coefficient ≤5%

3) AC 220V: allowable deviation -15% ~ +10%; Waveform distortion ≤5%

4) Permissible frequency deviation ±0.5HZ