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ST-901 Power Quality

ST-901 power quality is widely used in: conventional power station, hydropower station, thermal power plant, wind power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical and other fields, to provide users with complete power quality management solutions. Comply with power quality related national standards to achieve reliable, efficient and low consumption operation of transmission and distribution system.

Functional Features
Technical specifications
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Optional Accessories

Real-time monitoring, real-time power quality parameter monitoring and analysis of system operation

Record and storage, data record storage, export

Analysis and statistics, real-time waveform recording analysis statistics

Automatic alarm: Power quality event alarms and flags are triggered by setting limits

Monitoring accuracy

1) Voltage and current: 0.10%; Voltage fluctuation: 2%;

2) Power, power factor: 0.20%; Flicker: 2%;

3) Frequency deviation: 0.005HZ; Voltage deviation: 0.10%;

4) three-phase voltage unbalance: 0.15%; Three-phase current unbalance: 0.50%;

5) The harmonics meet the Class A requirements stipulated in QGDW 10650.2_2017;

6) Interharmonics meet the Class A requirements stipulated in QGDW 10650.2_2017;

Transient measurement

1) Duration: error <10ms or %1

2) Depth: error <0.2%

3) Recording time: 60S Max

Working power supply

1) Rating: AC/DC 110-220V

2) Allowable deviation: -20%--+%15

3) Power consumption: <15W

Ac current input

1) Input mode: current transformer

2) Rated In: 5A/1A

3) Measuring range: 0-2In

4) Power consumption: ≤0.5VA/ channel

5) Overload capacity: 2In continuous work; 40In allows 1S

Ac voltage input

1) Input mode: input of voltage transformer

2) Rated Un: 57.7V/100V or 220V

3) Measuring range: 0-1.2Un

4) Power consumption: ≤0.5VA/ channel

5) Overload capacity: 2Un continuous operation; 2.4Un allows 1S

Switching input

1) Working voltage: DC110V/DC220V/DC24V

2) Input mode: null contact or active contact

3) Isolation mode: photoelectric isolation, isolation voltage 2500V

Communication interface

1) RJ-45 interface: 10/100M adaptive; Support TCP/IP and FTP protocols, 100Base -T.

2) RS-485 interface: speed 9600; Supports Modbus-RTU.

3) Fiber Ethernet interface: 100M; LC multimode; Support IEC 61850-9-1 or -9-2 standards.