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ST-702 Clock

ST-702 satellite synchronous clock is a new generation of time synchronous clock in accordance with the "Technical Specification of Power System Time Synchronous System". It can not only provide high precision time synchronization signals for PMU, protection, measurement and control, intelligent terminal, fault recording and other plant terminal equipment, but also add a new multi-source selection mechanism about clock reference source. Remote online monitoring function and local log management function. ST-702 satellite synchronous clock can be widely used in power, energy, petroleum and petrochemical, steel, cement, equipment integration, municipal, security and other industries.

Functional Features
Technical specifications
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Optional Accessories

• Multiple timing modes: RIG-B,RS232 or RS485,PPS,PPS,PPM, etc.

• Multiple output channels, can be collocation

• Built-in GPS/BDS dual mode

• High precision, enabling network management

Physical configuration

1) Input plug-in (optional) :GPS receiver BDS receiver

2) Output plug-in (optional, this table only lists a few commonly used items)
• Differential board 16 channels :PPS,PPS,PPM,PPH, RIG-B, serial message signal type is optional
• Optical fiber board 8 channels :PPS,PPS,PPM,PPH, RIG-B, signal type is optional
• Air contact board 16 channels: PPS,PPS,PPM,PPH, RIG-B, serial signal type is optional
•TTL board eight channels :PPS,PPS,PPM,PPH, RIG-B, signal type is optional
• Packet board RS232 or RS485 packets are optional
• The network module can output four NTP signals

Anti-electromagnetic interference capability

1) Electrostatic discharge immunity test level IV

2) Damping oscillating magnetic field immunity test class IV

3) Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity experiment Ⅲ

4) Oscillation wave immunity experiment Ⅲ

5) Power frequency immunity test level IV

6) Surge immunity test level Ⅳ

7) Pulsed magnetic field immunity test level IV

8) Electrical fast transient pulse group immunity test Class IV

Anti-vibration value

1) Vibration level Ⅰ

2) Impact level Ⅰ

3) Collision level Ⅰ

Insulation property

1) Insulation resistance: the conductive circuit and ground is greater than 100ω, no electrical connection of each conductive resistance is greater than 100ω.

2) Dielectric strength: The device can withstand AC voltage of 2KV (strong circuit) or 500V (weak circuit), 50HZ,1Min dielectric strength experiment, without breakdown and flashover phenomenon.

Moisture and heat resistance

The device can withstand constant humidity and heat test specified in GB/T2423.3-2006.