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EH series intelligent microcomputer harmonic elimination Device

Intelligent computer harmonic elimination device can diagnose ferroresonance, but also can distinguish overvoltage, ferroresonance, PT high-voltage side break, PT low-voltage side break, single-phase grounding and other fault types; For ferroresonance of various frequencies, the information can be quickly eliminated and displayed. For overvoltage, ferromagnetic resonance, single-phase grounding and PT line break, alarm, and record and display. Suitable for electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical and other large enterprises, the device has superior performance, safe and reliable use.

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Can distinguish zero sequence resonance, positive sequence resonance, and automatically eliminate resonance according to resonance properties

Various alarm signals are displayed and related information is saved

With the fault information memory function, the fault information can be stored for 10 consecutive times without loss of power failure information

Real-time display of the system clock, calendar, and millivolt components of the 4 frequencies (3 division /17HZ,2 division /25HZ, power frequency 50HZ, and triple frequency /150HZ) of the PT open triangle voltage

With RS485 remote data transmission function

Power failure clock maintenance function

With self-check and self-recovery functions

Operating voltage: AC/85-265(50HZ) or DC/110-220V

Ac voltage loop: ≤1VA

Rated AC voltage: 100V

Dc circuit power consumption: ≤10W

Communication mode: standard RS485

Alarm signal: system grounding, resonance, overvoltage, voltage loss

Electromagnetic compatibility level: Level IV